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The Only 10 Plants You Need To Treat Over 90% of Conditions Naturally and Safely.

Here’s what plants you’ll have in your new medicinal garden:

1. Wild Lettuce – The Backyard Painkiller

This plant is also known as opium lettuce due to its pain relieving and sedative effects. It acts directly on the central nervous system to lessen the feeling of pain. I’ve found that its sap is so effective that you can numb even the greatest of pains. As opioids are becoming harder to obtain, wild lettuce seems like the best alternative to powerful commercial painkillers. Best of all, it’s not addictive and has no side effects. 

Other powerful uses: The plant’s sap can also be applied to the skin as a treatment for warts. Cover the wart with sap once or twice a day until the wart is gone.  

2. Yarrow – The Natural Way to Stop Bleeding

The ancients called it the military herb and for good reason. Deep wounds were packed with yarrow powder to disinfect and stop the bleeding. If you ever find yourself looking down at a wound that just won’t stop bleeding or if you have diabetes and the wound won’t heal on its own, just dress it with some dried yarrow. 

Other powerful uses: Yarrow root is also a natural anesthetic that you can chew whenever you get a toothache. 

3. California Poppy – The Herbal Sleeping Pill

You won’t know the real value of a good night’s sleep until you can’t get it anymore. And the older you get, the harder that becomes. While prescription sleeping pills will lead you down the path of addiction, the California Poppy will make you sleep like a baby again without any known adverse effects. You can take it as a tea or tincture; both are equally effective.  

Other powerful uses: This plant also calms down anxiety and is a powerful cleanser and tonic for your bladder and liver.  

4. Peppermint – The Pioneer’s Stomach Relief 

Just imagine smelling some fresh peppermint you’ve just plucked from your own backyard. Let its soothing aroma fill your lungs for a minute, and then realize that you’re holding the answer to most of your stomach problems. Whenever you get indigestion, cramps, flatulence, or an upset stomach, or if you’re suffering from Chron’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome, take some peppermint oil. I promise this plant will become a staple in your medicine cabinet.  

Other powerful uses: Peppermint oil also slightly numbs the skin’s surface, relieving itchy skin and mild irritations.

5. Chamomile – The Native American Eye and Allergies Remedy

This is how chamomile will look in your garden. You can use it for eye strain, swollen eyes, conjunctivitis, and cataracts, just to name a few. Dip some tissues in chamomile tea, and then place them over your eyes. It’s all natural and highly effective.  

Other powerful uses: If you boil some chamomile and inhale the steam, you can get rid of an asthma attack or allergic respiratory reactions. It will help fight bronchitis, get rid of whooping cough, and alleviate nasal congestion. 

6. Symphytum – Nature’s Rheumatism Reliever

Symphytum is also known as knit bone, and it’s used for painful joints, arthritis, and rheumatism. Not only does it relieve the symptoms but it slows down the progression of the disease as well. It’s now believed that allantoin and rosmarinic acid are the two plant compounds responsible for comfrey’s amazing properties.

Other powerful uses: You can also use this plant to relieve psoriasis eruptions.  

7. Meadowsweet – The Perennial Anti-Inflammatory Herb

With meadowsweet in your garden, you’ll always be greeted by a sweet, delightful smell and a powerful anti-inflammatory. In fact, in 1897, when Felix Hoffmann produced acetylsalicylic acid, known as aspirin, he used salicin produced from meadowsweet plants. Extracts have been shown to inhibit T-cell proliferation, so meadowsweet can be extremely powerful for autoimmune diseases since it slows down the immune response.

Other powerful uses: The plant can also be used as a disinfectant for wounds and skin diseases as well as infections. 

8. Echinacea – Amish Prostate and Bladder Control Remedy

The Amish people have been using it for centuries. Echinacea’s antibiotic and protective properties are useful in treating prostate problems and urinary tract infections. Studies from the National Health Institute have just confirmed that echinacea is an effective treatment for enlarged prostate and urinary infections.

Other powerful uses: If taken daily, echinacea also greatly improves your immune system.  

9. Calendula – The Natural Antiviral Immunity Booster

As you age, you usually get common colds or the flu less often. But when you do, they tend to be a lot more dangerous. Calendula, also known as pot marigold, contains thousands of flavonoids that protect your body from the effects of free radicals as well as foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria.

Other powerful uses: According to the University of Maryland, ear drops containing calendula work on almost any type of ear infection. But maybe most importantly, this plant cleans up your entire lymphatic system, reducing lymphatic congestion and removing toxins. 

10. Moringa – The Survival Superfood Against Diabetes

A Moringa tree should grow in everybody’s backyard. You can literally eat every part of it, and it’s the fastest growing tree on the planet, meaning you’ll get to use it yourself and not just plant it for the next generation. According to recent studies, powdered Moringa leaves significantly increase insulin secretion.

Other powerful uses: Moringa is also one of the very few plants proven to effectively lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Moringa boosts bone density, protects the heart muscle, and has so many nutrients and vitamins you won’t need anything else to survive. If I had to choose just one tree to grow in my back yard, this would be it. 

I’ve gathered all the seeds for the only 10 medical plants you’ll need, in the Medicinal Garden Kit.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough seeds to give to everyone. I was able to make only 300 packages. If you can see this message (page), it means that I still have at least one kit left for you. But supplies will not last. 

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All these seeds have been handpicked from the very best plants. The Medicinal Garden Kit has no chemicals, genetic modifications, or any other alterations. What you see is what you get—seeds for powerful medicinal plants that are perfect for making your own remedies at home.  

With your seeds, you’ll receive a Medicinal Guide that shows you how to make the most powerful remedies from these 10 plants—tinctures, ointments, salves, poultices, decoctions, infusions, essential oils, natural pills, and many more—all in minute detail so you can follow our guide even if you’ve never made an herbal medicine in your life.

Even if you’ve never planted anything before, you’ll have no trouble growing the plants included in this package. Inside your Medicinal Garden Kit, you’ll also find 10 smaller packages with each type of seed. On them you’ll find details on how to plant, grow, and harvest each one. 

All in all, the Medicinal Garden Kit contains 1,625 of the highest quality seeds from plants homegrown in the U.S.  

I assure you that you cannot find these 10 seeds in one package anywhere else. Before I made it, I had been looking for something like this for a long, long time.  

How much would you value having a complete pharmacy at home? Think about how much you pay each year on medicine.

The average American spends about $1,200 each year on prescription drugs alone. But you can have a complete medicinal garden in your own back yard for just $79

So while I still have a package left, click on the button below to get your medicinal garden kit. 

Planting a medicinal herb garden will bring new and exciting aspects to your green world with many healing benefits. But even so, if you don’t want to plant them now, for any reason, you can keep the seeds for when you feel it’s the right time. 

I know a few people who grabbed three Medicinal Garden Kits each, just to store them in case of a crisis that cripples the medicinal system and the pharmaceutical chains. These Medicinal Garden Kits are perfect for people who want to be more self-reliant and for those who are preparing for the worst of times.  

Having a small backyard medicinal garden is not a fad. It’s useful on any given day and a lifesaver during dark times. You can even grow it on your windowsill in pots.  

With your Medicinal Garden Kit, you’ll have one reliable, safe, and completely free natural alternative to your modern medicines within easy reach. I can tell you from my experience that your family and friends will be thankful for your homemade remedies too.  

Plus, your small medicinal garden will be a feast for the eyes. All 10 of these healing plants are good companions for vegetables and fruit trees, but you can also plant them in the front yard if you wish.  

Your garden will last forever. 

Most of the medicinal herbs found in the kit are perennials that die back in the winter and re-emerge in the spring or self-seeding annuals that become well established after the first year.

And because I have such faith in the Medicinal Garden Kit, it comes with a 365 days money-back guarantee. 

You’ll get the seeds, plant them in your own back yard, harvest the plants, and then make all the powerful remedies you need.

But my guess is you’ll never want a refund, because these seeds and the 10 plants they create will end up saving you A LOT more money than what you’re paying for them today.

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